Welcome to GTPhotos. Why I have this web site, is because I love life, family, friends,sports and photography. The main reason is to share memories of many amateur atheletes showing their love of sports that they have been involved with for many years. Most haven't had many photos taken along their journies and I hope to be able to fill that void. Personally, I too had missed out on the photographic journey of my two sons throught their early involvement in numerous sporting activities. In the early years but over the past few years have finally been able to capture their passion and love of sports with their fellow team mates. No matter what age, kids will always be kids and their laughter always contagious. My kids have grown from children to adults and they still are involved with sports. If you see me at a rink or an arena or a sporting event feel free to come and talk with me or you can email me ( PS - enjoy the game. And please add a thumbs up or down or a response to any of my photo's so I can grow and learn. Also enjoy your kids, no matter what age. I keep this site open in memory of my wife Colleen. Whose passion for life was enjoyed thru her two boys and all the kids and people she met thru life and sports. She loved you all.
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